What is set back in Building Bye Laws ?

Set back :

Set back is nothing but the open space available between the front of the building and road .

  1. The open space left in front of the building is highly advantage under the circumstances of widening of road in near future. Governmental body will acquire this space as per rules and regulations.
  2. The air, ventilation and light of the buildings is sufficient if setbacks maintained to the plots.
  3. The open space can be utilized for gardening or vehicle parking purpose.
  4. The marginal distance always helpful for the building in case of heavy traffic and other nuisance.
  5. The possibilities of fire accidents will reduce due to the increased distance between opposite sides of buildings.

Open space requirements all over the building: As per NBC, the open space for different heights of buildings is listed below.

Sl. No.Height of buildingOpen space (setback) requirement
1.< 10 ma) Front setback or open space width:i) For a building with front road – min. 3 m.ii) For a building with roads on 2 or more sides –Average 3 m and in no case < 1.8 mb) Rear setback – Average 3 m and in no case < 1.8 mc) Side setback – Min. 3 m for every detached & semi-attached buildingd) Distance from the centerline of any road – In no case < 7.5 m or as determined by the local authority
2.From 10 m – 25 mRequirement as per above item no. 1 is increased at the rate of 1 m for every 3 m or fraction thereof.
3.From 25 m – 30 mMinimum 10 m.
4.> 10 mMin. 10 m. is increased by at the rate of 1 m for every 5 m or fraction thereof subject to a max. 16 m

Section: As per table 2 of section of part III of N.B.C.

SL. NoHeight of building in MetersExterior open spaces/setbacks to be left on all sides.  Minimum in meters
1.Above 9.5 up to 124.5
2.Above 12 up to 155.0
3.Above 15 up to 186.0
4.Above 18 up to 217.0
5.Above 21 up to 248.0
6.Above 24 up to 279.0
7.Above 27 up to 3010.0
8.Above 30 up to 3511.0
9.Above 35 up to 4012.0
10.Above 40 up to 4513.0
11.Above 45 up to 5014.0
12.Above 5016.0