List of Important Indian Standard Codes

IS 456
Code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete.

IS 8112
Specifications for 43 grade OPC.

IS 1489
Specifications for PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement).

IS 9103
Specifications for Concrete Admixtures.

IS 383
Specifications for fine & Coarse aggregate for concrete

IS 1786
Reinforcement Steel – HYSD Re bars =(Physical & Chemical Properties)

IS 2502
BBS – Code for bending and fixing of bar reinforcement.

IS 13920
Ductile detailing of reinforced concrete structures subjected to seismic forces

IS 4990
Ply Boards for Shuttering Works

IS 2212
Code of Practice of Masonry work.

IS 1077
Specification of Common Burnt Clay Building Brick

IS 2402
External Plaster Works OR Rendering Works

IS 2185
Specification for AAC Block Works (Part 3)

IS 1199
Concrete Slump Test

IS 6313
Anti- termite Treatment in Soil

IS 516
Methods of test for strength of concrete

IS 800
General Constructions In Steel – Code of Practice for MS Structural Works

IS 808
Dimensions & Weight for Hot Rolled Steel Beam, Column, Channel and angle

IS 2720-28
Determination of Dry density of soils, in-place, by the sand replacement.

IS 2720-29
Determination of Dry Density of Soils In-place by the Core-cutter

IS 13415
Safety protective barriers around construction site.

IS 4082
Specifications for storage of Construction materials.


IS 516 1959 Method of Test for Strength of Concrete

Is 456 -2000 For plain & Reinforced Concrete

IS 1199-1959 Methods of Sampling and Analysis of concrete

IS 10262-2009 Concrete Mix Design Guidlines


IS 8112-2013 Specification of 43 Grade cement

IS 12269-1987 Specification for 53 Grade OPC

IS 650-1991 Standard Sand Testing of cement

IS 269-1989 Specification of 33 Grade OPC

IS 4032-1985 Chemical analysis of hydraulic cement

IS 8041-1990 Specification of Rapid HArdening Portland Cement


IS 1077-1992 Common Burnt Clay Building Bricks

IS 3495 -1992 Method of Test for Burnt – Clay Building Bricks



IS 2720-1973 Determination of Water Content

IS 2720-1983 Preparation of Dry Soil Samples for various Tests

IS1888-1982 Meethod of laod on Soils

IS 2131 Method for standard Penetration Test for soil

IS 2720-1983 Preparation of dry soil Samples for Various Test

IS 2720-1973 Determination of water content

IS 2720-1980 Determination of Specific Gravity of Fine grained soil

IS 2720-1980 Determination of Specific gravity of medium ,fine & coarsed Soil

IS 2720 -1985 Grain Size Analysis

IS 2720 -1985 Determination of liquid &Plastic Limit

IS 2720-1972 Determination of Shrinkage Factors

IS 2720 -1980 Determination of water content – Dry density relation using light Compaction

IS 2720-1983 Determination of water content -Dry Density relation Heavy light compaction

Determination of dry density -moisture content relation by constant mass of soil method

IS 2720-1991 Determination of unconfined Compressive Strength

IS 2720-1993 Determination of the shear strength Parameter without pore water

IS 2720-1981 Determination of the shear strength Parameter with pore water

IS 2720-1986 Direct Shear test

IS 2720-1983 Determination of Density index of cohesionless soil

IS 2720-1986 Determination of consolidation properities

IS 2720-1987 Laboratory Determination of CBR

IS Labortaory Determination of Permeability

IS 2720-1992 Determination of Centrifuge Moisture Equivalent

IS 2720- 1992 Determination of linear Shrinkage

IS 2720 Determination of tottal soluble solids

IS 2720-1972 Determination of organic matter

IS 2720 – Determination of Calcium Carbonate

IS 2720-1987 Determination of pH value

IS 2720_ 1977 Determination Of Total Soluble Sulphates

IS 2720-1974 Determination of Dry density of soil by SAND REPLACEMENT METHOD

IS 2720- 1975 Determination of dry Density of soil By CORE CUTTER METHOD

IS 2720-1980 Laboratory vane shear test

IS 2720-1977 Determination of Free swell Index of soil

IS 2720 -1977 Measurement of Swelling pressure of soils

Laboratory Tests on soil

Field Test on Soil

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IS 2502 

IS5525 -1969


SP34 -1987


Bar Bending ShapeTotal length of bar (L)
Bar Bending Shape Code 11A+(B)-0.5r-d
Bar Bending Shape Code 12A+(B)-0.43R–1.2d
Bar Bending Shape Code 13A+0.57B+(C)-1.6d
Bar Bending Shape Code 14A+(B)-4d
Bar Bending Shape Code 15A+(B)
Bar Bending Shape Code 21A+B+(C)-r–2d
Bar Bending Shape Code 22A+B+C+(D)-1.5r–3d
Bar Bending Shape Code 23A+B+(C)–r–2d
Bar Bending Shape Code 24A+B+(C)
Bar Bending Shape Code 25A+B+(C)
Bar Bending Shape Code 26A+B+(C)
Bar Bending Shape Code 27A+B+(C)-0.5r-d
Bar Bending Shape Code 28A+B+(C)-0.5r-d
Bar Bending Shape Code 29A+B+(C)-r-2d
Bar Bending Shape 31A+B+C+(D)-1.5r-3d
Bar Bending Shape Code 32A+B+C+(D)-1.5r-3d
2A+ 1.7B+2(C)-4d
Bar Bending Shape Code 34A+B+C+(D)-0.5r-d
Bar Bending Shape Code 35A+B+C+(D)-0.5r-d
Bar Bending Shape Code 36A+B+C+(D)-r-2d
Bar Bending Shape Code 41A+B+C+D+(E)-2r-4d
Bar Bending Shape Code 44A+B+C+D+(E)-2r-4d
Bar Bending Shape Code 46A+2B+C+(D)
Bar Bending Shape Code 472A+B+2C+1.5r-3d
Bar Bending Shape Code 512(A+B+C)-2.5r-5d
Bar Bending Shape Code 56A+B+C+(D)+2(E)-2.5r-5d
Bar Bending Shape Code 632A+3B+2(C)-3r-6d
Bar Bending Shape Code 64A+2B+C+D+E+F-3r-6d
Bar Bending Shape Code 67A
Bar Bending Shape Code 75π (A – d)+B
Bar Bending Shape Code 77Cπ(A-s)
Bar Bending Shape Code 98A+2B+C+(D)-2r-4d