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House construction labour cost 2024 | contractor rates in India

All Mentioned cost includes labor and material both.

1.Electrical Wiring Cost – Per Sq. Ft. Basis

Rs.180 Sft – Rs.2 00 Sft

2. Wall Plastering Cost

Rs.70 Sq. ft.Rs.80 Sq. ft.

3. Gypsum Board False Ceiling Cost

Rs.80 sq. – ft.Rs.90 sq. ft.

PVC False Ceiling Cost

Rs.70 sq. ft. Rs.90 sq. ft.

4. Wardrobe Making Cost

Labour – Rs.350 sq. ft.
With Material – Rs.1450 Sq. ft.

5. Bed Making Cost

Labour – Rs.300 sq. ft.
With Material – Rs.1200 Sq. ft.

Labour contractors rates /Hire Labor contractors
1Earthwork excavationcft10.00
2Earth fillingcft4.00
3Sump water tank solid block wallLts4.00
4sump tank rcc wall -sump tankLts6.00
6Bar bendingkg6.00
7P.C.C Concretesft36.00
8Footing concretecft40.00
9Size stone masonrycft40.00
10column concretecft58.00
11R.C.C Roof slab & Beam concretecft55.00
12R.C.C Slope roof concretecft68.00
138″ Block worksft33.00
146″ Block worksft25.00
154″Block worksft20.00
16Internal Ceiling Plasteringsft18.00
17Internal Wall plasteringsft15.00
18External Wall plasteringsft19.00
19Door & Windows Fixingsft31.00
20Ventilators fixingnos350.00
212″&3″ Bandrft30.00
223/4″ Grooverft15.00
24Parapet Wall (Block Work& Plastering)sft45.00
25Water proof plasteringsft25.00