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Slab waterproofing |What is the difference between Dr Fixit LW+ and URP?

LW+ is an additive used in concrete or mortar which offers integral Waterproofing to concrete or Plaster. 

URP is an SBR based product used for Layer waterproofing.

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP ( Universal Repair Polymer ) is an SBR ( styrene butadiene ) latex which is a ready-to-use bonding agent for waterproofing and repairs. It will be in a liquid consistency that strongly bonds to both old and new concrete structures and plasters.


  1. Reduces shrinkage
  2. Improves abrasion resistance
  3. Prevents cracking of cement
  4. Economical
  5. Good repair solutions
  6. Multipurpose waterproofing
  7. Improves adhesion strength of mixed mortar
  8. Bonds strongly with most of the building materials
  9. Improves the hardness
  10. Prevents dust and corrosion
  11. Grouting


dr fixit 301 urp waterproofing chemical

1) For waterproofing: Dr.Fixit 301 URP is used in balconies, small roof terraces, lift pits, and sunken portions of toilets and bathrooms.

2) For concrete repairs: Dr. Fixit 301 URP is used for spalled concrete of columns, floors, slabs, parapets, etc.

3) For cladding: Dr.Fixit 301 URP is used for fixing or re-fixing of tiles, stones, marble bedding, and slip bricks.

4) For plaster repairs: Dr. Fixit 301 URP strongly bonds to platers, masonry, stonework, etc. and prevents cracking by improving the flexural strength.

5) As a Bonding slurry coat: Dr. Fixit 301 URP is used for the pinhole treatment of the concrete surface.

6) As external rendering – Dr. Fixit 301 URP is used as an external wall coating for weatherproof and frost-resistant solutions.


301 urp chemical waterproofing solutions services

1. Surface Preparation: First, the surface has to be completely cleaned using a wire brush or a scrubber to remove the hidden dust particles. Then de-grease the surface by using suitable solvents and roughen it with light scabbling or grit blasting. The next step is to repair the spalled concrete to avoid feather edging and to provide a strong bond with the surface. The corrosion deposits from the corroded rebars are to be removed and cleaned thoroughly.

2. Priming: For the metal surface, first we have to apply Dr. Fixit’s rust remover and then using a water jet it has to be cleaned fully. Then Dr. Fixit epoxy zincrich primer is applied on the rebars. For the concrete surface, the slurry of the primer coat is prepared by mixing one part of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP, one part of water, and three parts of fresh OPC cement. Once it gets a smooth consistency, it has to be applied to porous and uneven surfaces.

3. Mixing: The forced action mixer ( PAN mixer ) or a suitable size drum with a spiral paddle mixer is essential to ensure that Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP mortar is thoroughly mixed. Hand mixing is suitable only for less quantity less than 25 kg. In the mixer, dry sand, cement, and Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP are taken as recommended, and then by slowly adding water, it is mixed to the required consistency.

4. Application: For different applications, a wide range of mix designs are recommended using Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP.

a)For patching and repairing mortar – 10 liters of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP is used with mortar consistency at 6-40 mm thickness.

b)For Renders – 10 liters of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP is used with mortar consistency at 6-9 mm thickness.

c)For heavy-duty floor screed – 10 liters of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP is used with semi-dry cohesive consistency at 10-40 mm thickness.

d)For Bonding mortar ( slip bricks and tiles ) – 10 liters of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP is used with semi-dry cohesive consistency at 10-40 mm thickness.

To achieve the desired results, do not add more water than the recommended dosage. The product Dr. Fixit 301 URP is available in different packing weights such as 500 gm, 1 kg, 5 kg, 10kg, 20 kg, and 50 kg. Also, the recommended dosage is 10 liters of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP per 50 kg of OPC cement. That is, in the ratio of 1:1.5 by volume and application of 2 coats. The coverage of white crystal Sbr Dr.Fixit 301 URP is 40 Sq. ft per Ltr. Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the reliable firms that provide excellent and trusted Terrace waterproofing contractors in Jaipur for waterproofing and water tightening services.

Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+

Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ is specially formulated integral liquid waterproofing compound composed of surface active plasticising agents, polymers & additives. It is used as an additive for cement concrete, mortar & plasters. It makes concrete cohesive and prevents segregation.

Typical Application

Waterproofing of concrete and sand-cement mortars used in
} Basements,
} Roof slabs and screeds,
} Water tanks & water retaining structures,
} External plastering,
} Bathrooms and balconies,
} Sumps and drains


} Corrosion resistant – Makes concrete more cohesive, hence protects steel better against corrosion
} Compatibility – Being a liquid, easily dispersible & compatible with concrete/mortar mixes.
} Permeability – It reduces the permeability of water into concrete.
} Strength – The setting time and compressive strength of the concrete remains within the specification limits.
} Shrinkage – Reduces shrinkage crack development in plaster & concrete.
} Workability – Improves workability of freshly mixed cement concrete.
} Durability – Increases durability by improving waterproofing of concrete.

200 ml, 1, 5, 10, 20 & 100 litre

Method of Application
} Charge cement & aggregates to concrete mixer as per the mix design, mix in dry state for 1–2 minutes.
} Start addition of 75–80% mixing water & mix for 2-3 minutes.
} Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ is added as per the recommended dosage into the remaining mixing / gauging water,
then add to concrete mixer & mix for another 2 minutes.
} Place the concrete or apply plaster, as needed.
} Cure the applied mortar or concrete as per good construction practices.

Precautions & Limitations
} Do not add Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ directly to dry cement & aggregate mix.
} Maintain water-cement ratio as low as possible.
} Do not increase the dosage of Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ than the recommendation.