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What is the Cost of Different Wall Panelling Materials ?

UV Marble sheet panel

UV marble sheets are composite materials crafted to mimic the luxurious appearance of natural marble. Comprising polymers and additives, these sheets offer not only a stunning visual appeal but also enhanced durability compared to traditional materials.

These panels with long life time of about 15-20 years avoid additional expenses of standard painting and mineral plaster coating.

The cost of installation of uv marble sheet panel starts at ₹90 per square foot

For example, let us take a room of 10 by 10. Room = 10 x 10 = 100 sq. ft.

1 sheet size = 32 sq. ft.

Total = 100/32 = 3.12 = 4

Sheets will be required The cost of medium range 3mm sheet is considered to be around Rs 1800.

sheet cost = 1800 x 4 = 7200 /-

Modeling Cost = 150 x 4 = 600/-

Which is used for pasting Fixed Bond whose price is Rs 200 = 2 x 200 = 400/-

Labor Cost is 18 = 18 x 100 = 1800/- Total = 10,600/-

WPC Louvers 

WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) exterior louvers are a type of louver made from a combination of wood fiber or wood flour and thermoplastic materials. WPC louvers are designed to be used as a decorative and functional element in building facades, providing shading and ventilation while enhancing the aesthetics of the building.

WPC wall panels are made of a new composite material known as Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC). This material is a mixture of plastics like polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride, in combination with more than 50% of wood powder, rice husks, straw, and other waste plant fibers. This mix undergoes plastic processing techniques such as extrusion, molding, and injection molding to create sheets or profiles, which are the primary manufacturing materials for WPC wall panels. Besides, WPC wall panels have the advantage of mimicking the appearance and texture of natural wood while being durable, waterproof, and low maintenance. They are an eco-friendly and wood-like wall decor material.


The cost of installation of wpc louvers panelling starts at 90/- per square foot

Veneer and laminate finish
Veneer and laminate finish panelling is one of the most popular ways to panel the walls and give it a wooden look.

Veneer and laminate sheets are available in a variety of patterns and designs, and are fixed onto a plywood base to create various wall panelling designs. Unlike laminate sheets, the veneer wall panels need to be finished with polishing.

In this example, laminate sheets are used to create an interesting pattern and give the wall a wooden appearance. The bed and side tables are also finished in the same type of laminate.

  • The cost of installation of laminate-finish panelling starts at ₹350 per square foot, while veneer-finish panelling starts at ₹500 per square foot and may vary with the design.
Type of FinishesCost of Finishes
Matte finish laminate price₹1800 per sheet;
₹56.25 per sq.ft.
High gloss laminate sheets price₹2200  to ₹3000 per sheet;
₹68.75 to ₹93.75 per sq.ft.
PVC laminate price₹4160 to ₹11,200 per sheet;
₹130 to ₹350 per sq.ft. 
Acrylic₹6000 to ₹9000 per sheet;
₹187.5 to ₹281.25 sq.ft.
PU Finish₹280 to ₹400 per sq.ft.

Upholstered wall panels
For a soft and comfortable look in the home décor, consider upholstered wall panels. Upholstered wall panels are fabricated in materials such as natural or synthetic fabrics, velvet, leather, leatherette and so on.

  • The cost of upholstered wall panels starts at ₹290 per square foot.

MDF panels
MDF wall panels are manufactured by mixing sawdust and chemical binders under high heat and pressure. These boards are CNC-cut to achieve 3D designs, as in this picture.

During installation, a thick plywood base is fixed onto the bare wall. Then the MDF panels are fixed with adhesive and screws onto the plywood base.

  • The cost of decorative MDF panels starts at ₹170 per square foot. There will be additional labour and material charges of approximately ₹250 per square foot for fixing the MDF panels onto a plywood base.

PVC panels
PVC wall panels are moisture-resistant, termite-resistant, UV-resistant and low in maintenance.

PVC panels are available in a variety of patterns and colours. They are also available in the form of 3D wall panels that give a decorative look to the home.

During installation, a grid of aluminum channels is installed on the wall, which works as a base to install the PVC wall panels.

  • The cost of installation of PVC wall panels from reputed brands starts at ₹50 per square foot. The cost of 3D PVC wall panels starts at ₹150 per square foot.

Mirror-finish wall panels
Mirror-finish wall panelling is incorporated to visually expand areas such as compact rooms and narrow passages, to create an illusion of extended space.

Mirror panels are fixed on a plywood base. The mirror can be bevelled and cut into different shapes to achieve interesting patterns, as in the image above.

  • The cost of installation of mirror-finish panelling starts at ₹400 per square foot.