DBOT Realty Recruitment 2023 | civil engineer job

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Mumbai Metropolitan

  • ₹400,000/yr – ₹600,000/yr  On-site  Full-time  Mid-Senior level
  • 11-50 employees · Real Estate
About the job

We are seeking an experienced Billing Engineer for residential and commercial construction projects. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in construction billing, rate analysis, and reconciliation, with proficiency in AUTOCAD and a deep understanding of IS Codes of measurement. The Billing Engineer will play a crucial role in ensuring accurate billing, cost analysis, and efficient project management.

Key Responsibilities

Rate Analysis: Analyze construction rates for various materials and labor components based on project specifications and industry standards. Ensure that rates are competitive and in compliance with IS Codes.

Bill Preparation: Prepare detailed item rate bills for residential and commercial construction projects, incorporating measurements as per IS Code standards. Ensure accuracy and transparency in billing.

Cost Analysis: Conduct cost analysis to monitor project expenses, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize project budgets.

Estimation: Develop accurate material and labor estimates for upcoming projects, considering project requirements, specifications, and market rates.

Reconciliation: Regularly reconcile material and labor costs against the budgeted estimates, identifying any discrepancies and taking corrective actions.

Quantity Surveying: Conduct thorough quantity surveys to determine the quantity of materials required for construction projects and monitor their usage.

AutoCAD Proficiency: Utilize AUTOCAD for drafting and preparing detailed drawings and plans as required for billing and estimation purposes.

Compliance with IS Codes: Ensure that all measurements, calculations, and billing processes align with relevant IS Codes and industry best practices.

Bill Checking: Review bills submitted by subcontractors and vendors, ensuring accuracy and adherence to contractual terms.

Documentation: Maintain comprehensive project documentation