RINA Recruitment 2023 | Civil Engineer job

RINA Recruitment 2023 | Civil Engineer job
Civil Engineer

Posting Date:  14 Sep 2023

City:  Mumbai


Mumbai, IN, 400 059

Contract Type:  Permanent

Division:  Energy Engineering Solutions

Level of experience:  Intermediate

RINA is currently recruiting for a Civil Engineer to join its office in Mumbai within the Energy Engineering Solutions Division.


This role focuses on providing support to engineers in designing solutions, products, machines, systems or structures, respecting time, budget, and quality requirements.

Job Responsibilities

Support plans and make calculations for a variety of elements within an engineering project, draw blueprints and structural diagrams under the supervision of a senior engineer or a principal engineer;
Provide direct day-to-day support and oversight of project elements, visit sites to take measurements;
Provide direct or indirect support to engineers or engineering teams by gathering data for permit applications, submitting documentation to officials and other day-today duties;
Develop project schedules and deliverable timelines under the supervision of more experienced engineers;
Prepare the project deliverables (technical reports, project performance documentations and engineering drawings, etc.);
Prepare progress reports and present them to engineers and other personnel Be aware and understand the Quality Policy;
Ensure that all assigned activities are executed in accordance with the RINA QMS;
Be aware of the quality of his own work and its impact on service delivery and contribute to the QMS improvement according to his/her role;
Answer contractor questions on behalf of the supervising engineer and serve as liaisons between engineering and construction personnel.

  • CLIENT INTIMACY – Embrace internal and external client needs, expectations, and requirements to ensure maximum satisfaction
  • EARN TRUST – Take everyone’s opinion into account and remain open to diversity
  • PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – Promote commitment by keeping promises as a Role Model
  • MANAGE EMOTIONS – Recognise one’s and other’s emotions and express and regulate one’s reactions
  • PIONEER CHANGE – Actively embrace change and benefite from the new circumstances
  • BUILD NETWORK – Forge trust relationships, across departments, and outside the organization
  • MAKE EFFECTIVE DECISIONS – Structure activities according to priorities, actions, resources and constraint
  • ADDRESS THE WAY – Have a big picture of different situations and reinterprete it in a perspective way
  • THINK FORWARD – Capitalise on experiences and translate them into action plans for the future

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering General or Civil Engineering

With over 5,000 employees and 200 offices in 70 countries worldwide, RINA is a multinational player which provides certification, marine classification, product testing, site supervision and vendor inspection, training and engineering consultancy services across a wide range of sectors. Our business model covers the full process of project development, from concept to completion. The aim is to guarantee a project’s technical, environmental and safety – and sometimes also economic and financial – sustainability.

At RINA, we endeavor to create a work environment where every single person is valued and encouraged to develop new ideas. We provide equal employment opportunities and are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels respected and safe from discrimination or harassment of any kind. We are also compliant to the Italian Law n. 68/9