Pollucon Technologies Limited  recruitment 2022

M/s POLLUCON TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED (PTL) is an organization backed by the vision of experienced Engineers Scientists and Management Professionals having expertise in the fields of Survey Study of Water supply, Water Treatment, Environmental and Chemicals Engineering . The specialty of the organization is turnkey projects in the field of Air, Water, Sewage and Solid Waste Management and support services being provided by a team of dedicated, efficient, highly qualified, experienced advisors with proven track records in their respective disciplines of competence.The company also has an added advantages of having requisite in house facilities such as Laboratory for Water, Wastewater testing, RD, technical Library, drafting Printing, CAD in House fabrication etc.DESIGN ENGINEERING, EQUIIPMENT MANUFACTURING, SUPPLYErection, Installation, Commissioning Testing Of

  • Water Treatment Plant.
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Waste Water Disposal System
  • Sewage Treatment plants
  • Water supply and distribution /pumping station
  • Air Pollution Control systems
  • Solid waste Management

Preparation Of Detailed Project Reports On

  • Water Supply Schemes Water Treatment Plant.
  • Sewerage System Sewage Treatment Plant.

Operation and Maintenance of ETP, WTP, STPon Annual contracts basic.Environmental Impact Assessment Studies(Rapid Comprehensive)Environmental Management PlanEnvironmental Audits/ StatementsOn site emergency plan /disaster Management plan