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Which cement is best for house construction

Cement is mainly used as a binder in concrete, which is a basic material for all types of construction, including housing, roads, schools, hospitals, dams and ports . There are about ten types of cement that is used for construction purpose.

There are a lot of reputed cement brands for residential construction, almost all of them would provide you with good quality product for your usage.

Some of them are ACC, Birla, Ambuja, Several Local Brands ( Bangur, Wonder, Laxmi) etc.

Three main types of cement which is widely used in house construction.

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), 53 Grade Cement:

OPC 53 Grade cement is required to conform to BIS specification IS:12269-1987 with a designed strength for 28 days being a minimum of 53 MPa or 530 kg/ sq cm.

Not only is this grade of cement stronger than other grades / types, it is also more durable.

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC):

The Portland Pozzolana Cement is a kind of Blended Cement which is produced by either inter-grinding of OPC clinker along with gypsum and pozzolanic materials in certain proportions or grinding the OPC clinker, gypsum and Pozzolanic materials separately and thoroughly blending them in certain proportions.

Portland Slag Cement (PSC):

PSC – Portland Slag cement is a kind of blended cement manufactured either by grinding the Portland clinker with gypsum and granulated slag or by blending the ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) with Ordinary Portland cement.’

Note :-

OPC 53 Grade cement is recommended in all RCC structures like footing, column, beam and slabs, where ever initial and ultimate strength is the major structural requirement.

PPC and PSC cements are useful for general construction works and strongly recommended for Masonry, Plaster, Tiling works as initial strength not being a prime factor of performance in this application.

This not only reduces cost of construction but also helps in improving the quality of the structure.