Top Civil Engineering interview questions

  1. The adjustment of rail is usually needed when creep exceeds

150 mm

2. Sleepers which satisfy all of the requirements and are only suitable for track circuiting are

Wooden sleepers

3.The number of sleepers used for rail varies from

(n + 3) to ( n +6 )

4.The standard size of wooden sleepers on meter gauge railway  track is

1.83 m * 20 cm *11 cm

5. The standard size of wooden sleepers on broad gauge railway track is


6. The best wood for sleeper is


7.The composite sleeper index is the index of

Strength and weakness

8.The composite sleeper index determines the

Suitability of the wooden sleeper

9. The minimum composite sleeper index for wooden sleeper used over bridge girders, is


10 .The mass of cast iron sleeper is

78.4 kg

11. A CST-9 sleeper consist of

Two inverted pots on either side of rail seat ,a single two way key on the gauge side.

12. RCC sleeper are used in railway due to their

Suitability for track circuiting,capacity to maintain the gauge properly, heavy weight which improves the track modulus.

13. The number of sleepers used per rail length on the track is known as

Sleeper density

14. In India , the sleeper density provided is

18 sleeper per rail length

15. The ballast material generally used on Indian railway consist of Broken stone,gravel, moorum

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