IS Codes


IS 516 1959 Method of Test for Strength of Concrete

Is 456 -2000 For plain & Reinforced Concrete

IS 1199-1959 Methods of Sampling and Analysis of concrete

IS 10262-2009 Concrete Mix Design Guidlines


IS 8112-2013 Specification of 43 Grade cement

IS 12269-1987 Specification for 53 Grade OPC

IS 650-1991 Standard Sand Testing of cement

IS 269-1989 Specification of 33 Grade OPC

IS 4032-1985 Chemical analysis of hydraulic cement

IS 8041-1990 Specification of Rapid HArdening Portland Cement


IS 1077-1992 Common Burnt Clay Building Bricks

IS 3495 -1992 Method of Test for Burnt – Clay Building Bricks





IS 2720-1973 Determination of Water Content

IS 2720-1983 Preparation of Dry Soil Samples for various Tests

IS1888-1982 Meethod of laod on Soils

IS 2131 Method for standard Penetration Test for soil

IS 2720-1983 Preparation of dry soil Samples for Various Test

IS 2720-1973 Determination of water content

IS 2720-1980 Determination of Specific Gravity of Fine grained soil

IS 2720-1980 Determination of Specific gravity of medium ,fine & coarsed Soil

IS 2720 -1985 Grain Size Analysis

IS 2720 -1985 Determination of liquid &Plastic Limit

IS 2720-1972 Determination of Shrinkage Factors

IS 2720 -1980 Determination of water content – Dry density relation using light Compaction

IS 2720-1983 Determination of water content -Dry Density relation Heavy light compaction

Determination of dry density -moisture content relation by constant mass of soil method

IS 2720-1991 Determination of unconfined Compressive Strength

IS 2720-1993 Determination of the shear strength Parameter without pore water

IS 2720-1981 Determination of the shear strength Parameter with pore water

IS 2720-1986 Direct Shear test

IS 2720-1983 Determination of Density index of cohesionless soil

IS 2720-1986 Determination of consolidation properities

IS 2720-1987 Laboratory Determination of CBR

IS Labortaory Determination of Permeability

IS 2720-1992 Determination of Centrifuge Moisture Equivalent

IS 2720- 1992 Determination of linear Shrinkage

IS 2720 Determination of tottal soluble solids

IS 2720-1972 Determination of organic matter

IS 2720 – Determination of Calcium Carbonate

IS 2720-1987 Determination of pH value

IS 2720_ 1977 Determination Of Total Soluble Sulphates

IS 2720-1974 Determination of Dry density of soil by SAND REPLACEMENT METHOD

IS 2720- 1975 Determination of dry Density of soil By CORE CUTTER METHOD

IS 2720-1980 Laboratory vane shear test

IS 2720-1977 Determination of Free swell Index of soil

IS 2720 -1977 Measurement of Swelling pressure of soils

Laboratory Tests on soil

Field Test on Soil

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