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10 Interview Question for fresher civil Engineer

Do you have an idea about grouting ?

Grouting is considered a concrete fluid form that will help to fill up the voids.

How to measure the strength of the cement?

After the completion of the curing process the measurement is taken for about 7 or 28 days. The load is slowly applied at 140kg/cm2 per minute up to the specimen’s failure. we will get the concretes compressive strength or the cement at load failure divided by the area of specimens.

What is pile foundation? When we choose pile foundation?

Pile Foundation is implemented when the soil bearing capacity is smaller than 24KN/Sqm.

What is the main thing of pedestal column isolated footing?

The main purpose of pedestal column isolated footing is to resist the shear punching. ( The punching shear is a failure mechanism in structural members like slabs and foundation by shear under the action of concentrated loads. )

How to increase bearing capacity of soil?

To improve the bearing capacity of soil, one of the following methods can be used.

1. Vibro Floatation Technique

2. Replace the existing soil with road base materials and compact in layers to attain the required bearing capacity of soil.

3. Replace the existing soil with cement mix soil and compact in layers with water to attain the required bearing capacity.

A method for increasing the bearing capacity of foundation soils for built structures consisting of providing a plurality of holes spaced from each other deep in the soil, and injecting into the soil.

What are the duties and responsibilities of civil site engineer in road and building construction?

 While in duty of supervision of building, you should ensure that the concrete mixing is according to the grade specified. While supervision of road, you should ensure that the different layers of the road are laid in proper thickness.
Civil site engineer. Is responsible for execution of all construction activity allowed to him & he should take responsibility towards all scope of work under him. He should carryout work allowed to him.
There are two types of site civil engineer , first job is a supervisory one if he works with the consultant, in this case he needs to make sure that the document in hand is the correct designed.

What is the Initial and Final setting time of Ordinary Portland Cement?

The Initial Setting time of Ordinary Portland Cement is 30 minutes and the Final Setting time for Ordinary Portland Cement is 10 hours.

How is the workability of concrete checked at the construction site?

Slump Test.

What is Honeycombing in Concrete in construction works?

Honeycombing in Concrete structures refers to the voids or cavities on the surface or inside the concrete which are formed due to insufficient compaction during the placement of the concrete in the formwork. Over reinforcement, Stiff concrete (non-workable), and use of oversized aggregate in concrete are also the reason for honeycombing in concrete structures.

How to calculate weight of steel bar at the site?

Weight of steel bar (kg/m) = d2/162.2

Explain what is floating slab foundation?

A floating concrete foundation is a type of mat foundation that consists of the hollow mat formed by a grid of thick reinforced concrete walls between two thick reinforced concrete slabs.