Why we Provide Lintel in Building construction ?

A lintel is one type of beam which is used to support the above wall when openings like doors, windows, etc. are necessary to provide a building structure. Width of lintel beam is equal to the width of wall, and the ends of it is built into the wall.

The main function of the lintel is to take loads coming from the above wall and transfer its load to the side walls

Reinforced Cement Concrete Lintel

Mainly lintel made of reinforced concrete are widely used to span the openings for doors, windows, etc. in a structure because of their strength, rigidity, fire resistance, economy and ease in construction . 

They are also economical and durable as compared to other types of lintels.

ref. IS 456 -2000

Main reinforcement is provided at the bottom and half of these bars are cranked at the ends. Shear stirrups are provided to resist transverse shear

lintel over a window with projection 

ref. IS 456 -2000

Advantages of lintel.

They have the following advantages.

1. They look simpler and are easy to build.

2. The Excessive load is not applied over the ending supports of lintels. Hence, they are not required to be constructed so firmly.

3. Centering of lintel is easy, and frameworks are also inexpensive.

4. They can bear a high amount of load if the load is coming uniformly.

5. They are delicate and look simple.

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