Top 20 Interview Question for Fresher civil Engineers

If you have to estimate a Building, what type of data do you need?

 · A project specification- Document which describe the quantity, type, nature, construction method and size of construction work 

 · Project drawings- Architectural Drawing Includes The buildings for 2-D and 3-D

 · Rates of materials-  Usually to know the The average construction cost of home depend on the material cost. that varies location wise.

What is the size of Fine aggregate?

(< 4,75 sieve, passing-ex-Sand )

Why Are Pull-out Tests Performed For Soil Nails?

Pull out tests are performed for primarily the following reasons:

  • In order to detect and the verification of the bond strength among the soil and the grout adopted during the design of soil nails. This is considered to be as the primary objective of performing pull out tests for soil nails.
  • For the detection of any slippage or occurrence of creeps.
  • To detect the elastic and deformations (plastic) of any of the test nails employed. Observations are made during the loading and unloading cycles of the soil nails repetitively.
  • To achieve the perfect balance the test nails should always be loaded so that the ultimate soil/grout mixture with an upper limit of 80%.

what is the Size of Coarse Aggregate-

(> 4.74 mm sieve, Retain )

What do you mean by bulking?

(the volume increase of fine aggregate due to presence of Moisture Content in it)

Which cement is used for mainly building construction where strength required with age-


Why Is Propping Required For Long Structures Once The Form Work Is Removed?

Once the process of concreting is performed the striking of the formworks should be done as soon as possible as delay in this process can lead to the discoloration of the concrete structures. In case of long structures particularly long span structures once the structures have attained enough strength to support themselves it is essential to provide them with propping as creep deflection can take place which can greatly reduce the integrity of the structure.

Due to the above mentioned reasons propping should be done after the removal of formwork. Also the props should not be made to stand long as it can lead to overstress for the structures.

Unit Weight of RCC


Thickness of DPC –


Water to be used in concrete must have a PH value of?

(6 to 8.5 )

What is BBS?-

bar bending schedule meaning way to organizing rebar’s for structural unit, giving detailed reinforcement requirement.

What is material statement?-

it’s a Table showing quantity of materials required for a particular work. For the Excavation, Brick work, R.C.C P.C.C and other

What is analysis of rates?

-it’s a process in which overall cost of any item of work is determined per unit quantity of work.

What do you mean by demising walls?

The demising wall is used for the border that separates your land from neighbour’s house.