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Top 10 Interview Questions for Civil Engineer

1. How the Reconciliation of the Steel can be Done ?

Ans. It is the Ratio of material supplied by the client and Consumed by the contractor . Example :-

Client Steel :- 40 Tons

Contractors :- Consumed 35 Tons

Should have to show other 5 Tons on site or used for what purpose ( Chairs , Spacer , Pin etc ) that is reconciliation.

2.Speed of an Escalator is usually ?

Ans. 25 – 30 m / minute

3.The slope of the ramp should not be more than ?

Ans. 1 in 15

4.Mean Sea level Adopted by Survey of India for reference is lactated at Mumbai or Karachi ?

Ans. Mumbai After Independence But before independence in Karachi ( Eevation 160 meter )

5.What should be the Average height of Plinth Beam ?

Ans. 300 – 450 mm

6.What is the minimum cement content for concrete permanently under sea Water to Avoid the corrosion of reinforcement ?

Ans. 3 kN / m3

7. Standard Size of Frog in Brick ?

Ans. 100 * 40 * 10 mm

8.Expansion Joints in Masonry walls are provide if Length Exceed ?

Ans. 40 m

9. How can we prevent cracks in concrete structures?

Ans. Low water /cement ratio will directly affect the quality of concrete. A lower water cement ratio leads to high strength in concrete therefore lesser cracks.

10. water to cement ratio for cement concrete to hydrate ?

Ans. Minimum water cement ratio is 0.38.