Polymer Modified Mortar ?Properties & Applications

Polymer modified mortar is made with Portland cement and aggregate combined at the time of mixing with organic polymers that are dispersed or re-dispersed in water. It is also been called polymer-Portland cement-concrete (P P C C) . Polymer improves mortar’s quality and performance .It also decreases the chance of cracks.

  • Note : Polymer is a substance composed of thousands of simple molecules combined into large molecules.
  • Polymer modified mortar requires less water compared to traditional mortar

Types of Polymers

  1. Re-dispersible dry polymers 
  2. Latex polymers
  3. Water soluble polymers 

Mix Proportioning:

The mix proportions of most latex-modified mortars are in the range of the cement; fine aggregate ratio = 1:2 to 1:3 (by weight), the polymer-cement ratio 5 to 20% and the water-cement ratio of 30 to 60%, depending on their required work ability.

All of them Latex-modified concrete has been widely used in the field of patching, resurfacing or overlaying works for damaged of parts. polymer-modified mortar and concrete, latex-modified mortar and concrete have superior properties, such as high tensile and flexural strength, excellent adhesion, high water proofness, high abrasion resistance and good chemical resistance



It improve tensile strength, flexural strength, impact and abrasion resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance of polymer modified mortar in comparison to mortars without polymers


Latex-modified concrete extend the hydration periwhich increase working time .


polymers restrict the micro-crack propagation which improves the overall toughness of the mortar. it increases its life .


Patch and Repair

Polymer-modified mortars is mainly used for repair purposes because of their minimized shrinkage and ability to bond with the densest surfaces.


Polymer modified mortar is less permeable in comparison to pure concrete and help in corrosion protection. And it provide a strong resistance towards water and chemicals.


This is the most common application for polymer-modified mortars.And grouting in wall and ceramic, marble, stone, etc. is done by this mortar in large scale . Mainly when marble or tile broke.

Types of materials used:

Types of cement :OP cement 53 Grade as per I.S : 12269-1987.
Types of aggregates:River sand of Zone II & III as per IS: 383-1970. It should not contain particles coarser than 2.5 mm.
River gravel:5-20 mm and 5-10 mm i.e 20 and 10 mm graded uncrushed aggregate as per IS: 383-1970.(both the above aggregates saturated and surface dry)
Polymer Latexes:commercial polymer latexes, irrespective polymer types (containing antifoamers)

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