civil Engineer Interview Question 2024

What is the volume of the Cement Bag of 50 kg?

0.034722 m3 or 1.226 cft (cubic feet)

Validity of Cement Bags.

(3 Months)

Maximum Water Consumptions of the First Class Bricks-

20 % of Dry wt of brick

Min dia of spacer bar in Beam.

(25 mm)

Minimum Length of Hook in stirrups-

8d or 75 mm whichever is greater

Minimum Thickness of the Slab.

(125mm or 5 inch)

Thickness of plaster for ceiling.


What is the Initial and Final Setting Time of cement?

30 min and 60 min respectively

In M20, Explain “M” and 20 Means?-

M-Design Mix And 20-compressive strength of concrete after 28 days curing. mix ratio 1:1.5:3

Standard size of the brick in India?

(190mm X 90mm X 90 mm)

What is the Unit weight of RCC and PCC?

RCC-2500 kg/m3 , PCC- 2400 kg/m3

Thickness of Mortar Bed for Flooring,


What is the unit weight of steel?

(for circular Section Only- d2/162 Kg/m or d2/533 Kg/Feet)

1 BHK Full form?

One bedroom, one hall and one kitchen

Minimum grade of Concrete of RCC Structure ?

M20- Ratio is 1:1.5:3