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Steel door frames are renowned for their strength and longevity. They are resistant to warping, cracking, and rotting, making them an ideal choice for areas with harsh weather conditions. They also provide excellent security, as they are difficult to breach.

Wooden door frames, on the other hand, may not be as robust as steel. They can be vulnerable to moisture, pests, and wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance is essential to keep them in good shape.

Features Steel Door FramesWooden Frames
Eco-friendlyIt reduces the consumption of steel and deforestation of precious trees. They can also be recycled and molded into other forms.Wooden frames are made from trunks of trees. But, it doesn’t rust when exposed to moisture and humid weather.
 Cost-effectiveSteel doesn’t need much maintenance. It is also durable and flexible enough that reduce the cost of installation.Wooden frames need more maintenance which may cost you more money. It is quite expensive because of transportation and production.
InstallationIt is easy to install because they are lightweight compared to wooden frames.Need to hire carpenters to fix the wooden frames. It takes much more time to install than steel frames.
Low MaintenanceGalvanized Steel Door Frames are anti-corrosive and offer protection against wind, rain, and dust. Thus, it requires little to no maintenance.Wooden frames need proper treatment from pests and inflammation. Thus, it may raise the cost of the door frames.
Termite and Pest ProofProvide termite-free door frames.Mostly affected by termites and pests, timely chemical treatment is needed.
Fire-resistanceSteel can withstand high temperatures.Wooden frames are more prone to fire.
Resale ValueSteel can be recycled and reused for other purposes. You can also sell steel double door frames at the market price.Wood door frames are not recyclable and very likely to be reused for other applications.
Dampness ProofLong-lasting protection against dampness issues in your home.However, it can suffer from dampness and high humidity, which can lead to swelling, warping, or even decaying.

Steel Frames Vs Wood Frames

The best door frame for commercial buildings a steel door frame. Steel door frames are used in commercial buildings 99% of the time. They are typically manufactured from 16 gauge steel and primered gray. Building owners or maintenance crews may paint them a specific color such as black or brown, once they have been installed. Steel door frames are primarily used because they are heavy duty and hold up well in any type of commercial building or door location. Wood door frames are sometimes used, but have much less security than steel door frames. Steel door frames are often used with both commercial steel doors or wood doors for this reason.

Benefits of Steel Door Frames

Suitable For All Weather

High quality steel door frames are galvannealed and primered, allowing them to be used for interior or exterior door applications. The galvannealed metal and primer allow the door frame to not rust when installed on the exterior wall of a building exposed to rain. Unlike wood door frames, which can only be used on the interior of a building, since rain will eventually rot the wood. It’s best to always verify that your steel frame is galvannealed, as many imported steel frames do not come galvannealed causing them to rust if installed on an exterior wall. If you are ever in need of a galvannealed commercial steel door frame, we recommend Patriot steel door frames.

Heavy Duty

The standard steel door frame is manufactured from 16 gauge steel, however 14 gauge steel can be used if the application calls for it. Likewise, 18 gauge steel frames are often used on low traffic residential door applications.

Compatible With All Commercial Wood or Steel Door Brands

The Patriot hollow metal door brand manufactures steel door frames that can be used on all brands of commercial wood or steel doors. Patriot door frames can be manufactured to specific hardware locations (hinge and strike) to match your existing steel door manufacturer or wood door manufacturer.