Building Construction

Vastu ke anusar ghar kaise banaye || घर का सम्पूर्ण वास्तु | Vastu shastra for home

Tip #1 Rectangular or square rooms 

  • All the rooms in residential buildings should necessarily be rectangular or square.
  • Avoid buying a residential house or flat that has rooms of irregular shape like I-shaped.
  • In the case of rectangular residential houses, the length ideally shouldn’t exceed twice the breadth of the house .

Tip #2 Room Entrance

  • The entrance of a home as per Vaastu for house construction should always be in the north -east part of the house.
  • The main entrance door should be the largest door of the house.

Tip #3 Bedroom

  • Bedrooms must be in the southwest direction. Bed, too, must be in the southwest direction. 
  • Never head towards the north direction at the time of sleeping

Tip #4  Puja Room 

  • A pooja room in your home’s east or northeast zone is excellent for spiritual pursuits
  • The preferable position of Puja Room is Noth-East) Zone. 

Tip #5 Wall Colour of an Apartment

  • North shade of grey, white, green, blue
  • The east shade of beige, brown, and green
  • South, Southeast shade of light pink, orange, red, maroon, and brown
  • West shades of grey, silver, and golden

Tip #6 Kitchen

  • According to Vastu Shastra of home design, the Lord of Fire, Agni prevails in the southeast direction of homes.
  • One should never place the kitchen in the North, North East, or East Direction.
  • One should also avoid placing your stove near the water sink. Your kitchen must not face the washroom and ensure it never shares a common wall.