What Is Hidden Beam or Concealed Beam – Purpose & Advantages

What Is Hidden Beam or Concealed Beam – Purpose & Advantages

Hidden beams is defined as the beams whose depth is equal to the thickness of the slab. It also called as concealed beam provided within the depth of supporting slabs. It is popular and form an essential part of modern reinforced concrete framed structures.

Hidden beams are generally inserted within the suspended slabs where slab thickness is considerable. The concept of concealed beam originated from flat slab concept.  They are more applicable in commercial buildings.

Purpose Of Hidden Beams:

Hidden beams are used for the following purposes

  • To disperse loads on the supporting slab.
  • To break a wide panel of slab to considerable size.
  • Around the cutouts
  • To improve architectural aesthetic appearance by providing neat and leveled ceiling surface.

Advantages of Hidden Beams

  • Hidden beam saves cost of form-work, labor, and materials
  • It saves on floor height clearance
  • It creates an acceptable aesthetic appearance which permits for efficient interior space partitioning