What happened if we add Sugar in Concrete?

It slows the setting of the concrete.  Sugar is one of the admixtures added to concrete to delay the setting time of concrete. Adding excessive amounts can cause indefinite delay in the setting time of concrete.

Sugars have been categorized as ‘cement destroyers’ and when sugar is added to Portland cement paste at the onset of mixing, hardening may be delayed indefinitely.

Note :-

  1. If you added the sugar to the concrete by .07% of cement content it will work as retarder and the strength will be increased by 4%
  2. If the percent has been increased over the .07% the strength will be decreased and the sugar will work as accelerator
  1. 0.05 to 0 .1 % sugar slows the reaction and delay setting time by 2 hours.
  2. .2 % sugar slows the reaction and delayed reaction by 5-9 hours.

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