As a civil engineering student you must submit a project in final year with a group or as an individual. During degree you have no idea which one to choose. So in this Blog i am going to give you a choice to choose a good project .

Highway & Transportation Engineering

  • Intelligent transport system
  • Flexible pavement
  • Rural road development
  • Highway safety
  • Analysis of traffic flows
  • Correlation of different factors on driver behavior and vehicle speed
  • Correlation of Level of Service on vehicle speed
  • Mixed traffic control & behavior continuously reinforced concrete pavement
  • Automated highway systems

Soil Mechanics & GeoTechnical Engineering

  • Pile foundation
  • Improvement of bearing capacity of sandy soil by grouting
  • Ground improvement technique
  • Use of plastic as soil stabilizer
  • Erosion control in slope

Engineering Materials

  • Cellular Lightweight Concrete
  • Mineral admixtures for high performance concrete
  • Materials for Sound Barriers
  • Development of Sustainable Materials
  • Innovative use of wood and steel in concrete / brick buildings
  • Pros and Cons of using RCC
  • Plain cement concrete and how to fill the cons gaps
  • Use of local materials for insulation and water proofing


  • Rehabilitation techniques
  • Laminated flooring
  • Form-work types & design
  • Rectification of building tilt
  • Space hotel
  • uses Prevention and Repair of Cracks In Building
  • Rehabilitation techniques.
  • Stability of high rise buildings.
  • Corrosion Mechanism, Prevention & Repair Measures of RCC Structure
  • Retrofitting using FRP laminates
  • Green buildings
  • Passive solar energy buildings
  • Zero energy buildings
  • Rectification of Footing Tilt

Earthquake Related Projects

  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Earthquake Resistant Structures
  • Confined vs Brick Masonry Buildings
  • Seismic Behavior Analysis Of Different Structures (Buildings, Bridges, Shear Walls, Footing, Masonry)
  • Earthquake Vibration Control Using innovative techniques
  • Advanced Earthquake Resistant Techniques
  • Seismic isolation devices
  • Energy dissipation devices for seismic design
  • Reservoir induced seismicity
  • Failure of foundation due to earthquake
  • Earthquake Vibration Control Using new / innovative materials
  • Increasing strength of buildings by introducing new materials in construction (bentonite, marble dust, rice husk)
  • Analysis of Building Codes
  • Innovative use of wood and steel in concrete / brick buildings
  • Landslide stabilization
  • Seismic vulnerability and risk assessment of existing buildings for a specific area (e.g. vulnerability and risk assessment of brick masonry buildings in Peshawar, Pakistan

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Air pollution & its control
  • Marine pollution
  • Logistic management of solid waste
  • E – waste disposal
  • Watershed management
  • Water resources engineering
  • Interlinking of rivers
  • Hydraulic & Hydrological impacts on Bridges
  • GIS, GPS and its applications
  • Arsenic Removal From Ground Water By Coagulation Process Concrete Cube Testing – A Neural Network Approach, Using MATLAB 6.0
  • Geometry Optimization of Space Frame Structures
  • Application of remote sensing & g.i.s. in groundwater prospecting
  • Application of software in civil engineering industry

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