Top 30 asked Interview Questions in Indian Railway

1.The minimum depth of ballast below the sleeper on any gauge adopted by Indian railway ?


2.Normally on a curved track , the number of dog spikes per rail seat is ?

Two outside and one inside

3.In metric units the rail is designated as in terms of


4.The number of bolts in fish plate at particular joint is generally


5.For Broad Gauge ,the Indian railways has standardized a rail length of ?

13 meter

6. The broad gauge has a width of

1676 mm

7. Tensile strength of steel used in rail should not be less than

700 Mpa

8. The cross sectional area of 52kg flat-footed rail is

6615 mmsquare

9. What will be curve lead for a 1in 8.5  turnout taking off from a straight BG track ?


10. Composite sleeper index is the index of

Hardness and strength

11.switch angle is the angle between

 The gauge face of the stock rail and tongue rail

12. The formation width for a single line meter gauge track is embankment as adopt on Indian railway


13. The rail is designated by its

Weight per unit length

14. two important constituent in composition of steel used in rail are

Carbon and manganese

15. George Stephenson succeeded in running the first train of the world in 1825

16. The first train in India  was run in


17.The first train in India was run between

Mumbai to Thane

18.The railway system in india is the ………………. Longest in the world under a single management


19 .The board gauge is ……………………wide


20.The rail section, now a days used in indian railway is

Bull-headed type

21.The width of top portion of s flat footed rail is

66.67 mm

22.The rail section is designated by its

Weight per meter length

23.The largest dimension of trail section is


24.For meter gauge track ,in Indian railway the standard length of the rail is

11.89 meter

25.No sleeper is placed just below the rail joint ,as it will cause

More impact and discomfort to passenger

26.To reduce the wearing of rails ,the rails are placed at an

Inward slope of 1 in 20

27.The conning of wheels is made to prevent the

Damage of the inside edge of rails

28.Creep is the …………………. Movement of rail


29. creep causes

Opening of rail joint and Buckling of track

30. The Impact of the rail wheel ahead of the joint give rise to the creep of the rail .This statement is according to

Percussion Theory

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