Tips to reduce construction costs of house in India

Estimating the overall cost of building construction is a complex process. If you have decided to construct your own house, here are some tips to save on the cost of construction are as following :-

  1. Hire Experienced Contractor: A resource full team will help you save time and ensure quality at affordable cost. An inexperienced labour contractor may quote low initially but will turnout to be costly when you will be spending on rectifications and maintenance.
  2. Avoid Concealed Work:Don’t go for concealed wiring. Concealing the electrical wires although is aesthetically appealing will increase the labour costs and the same is easily maintainable and replaceable.
  3. Choose Simple Elevations:Many are obsessed with the front elevation of the building. Yes, a great front elevation gives a rich look for the building but will burn holes through your pockets. Don’t use unnecessary structural elements just for beautification of the elevation
  4. Go for a rectangular design of the rooms rather than square or any other shape as it demands less steel rods to support.
  5. Using natural stones we can reduce construction cost by 25%.
  6. Using reinforcement steel manufactured from Iron Ore, we can reduce construction cost .
  7. Reduce cost of roof construction by using Fero-Cement Roof Slab.
  8. Design properly with least amount of wastage & negative spaces.
  9. Build multi storied construction
  10. Use local & contemporary materials
  11. Don’t increase slab heights
  12. Plan ahead to use lightweight bricks or ACC blocks this reduced load in the structural design
  13. Don’t design for additional floors if not required
  14. Use UPVC or Aluminium Window

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