The civil engineer should possess basic knowledge about the practical construction procedures in site, along with the details of how they are planned. This idea of planning and coordination will help him to have proper execution of the activities in the site with desired performance.

  1. Civil Engineer Should be able to read drawings. And should know different standards are used in steel and R.C.C. buildings.
  2. Preparation of Reports and Schedules are also the important role of civil Engineer
  3. He should have basic knowledge of structural engineering.
  4. Supervise effective implementation of all test and inspection schedule and ensure adherence to all procedures and coordinate with various teams to perform quality audits on processes.
  1. As construction deaths and injuries often occur, it has been another key responsibility of a civil site engineer to ensure safety in a building construction project.
  2. Ensure safety at site , Responsibility of the whole site & Always keep the site clean
  3.  He should know to perform inspection and tests on all procedures and oversee all testing methods and maintain high standards of quality for all processes.
  1. key responsibility of a civil site engineer. You need to ensure the quality of delivered materials.
  2. Project management team, this is also the key responsibility of a civil site engineer.
  3. Direct or participate in surveying to lay out installations and establish reference points, grades, and elevations to guide construction.

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