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NCC Infra
Creating world-class infrastructure is the key to building a resurgent India. The high level of economic growth that India has witnessed in recent years has resulted in industry expansion, increased commerce and per capita income – all of which have fuelled the demand for infrastructure services. The Governments, both Central and State, are doing all that it takes to foster rapid infrastructure development via Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

NCC Infra is an infrastructure development company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of NCC. Undertaking the development of infrastructure projects through Government concessions, NCC Infra primarily focuses on long-term infrastructure projects that offer stable revenue streams.

Opportunities at NCC
Effective manpower plays a key role in the company’s growth. NCC believes Human Resource as the vital element of the entire enterprise. More than 6,320 qualified and experienced technical and commercial human capital translate the philosophy of the company into meticulous action.

NCC has an ongoing requirement of experienced professionals in specialized functions. We value people with specialized experience in areas like:
 Industrial Structures & Buildings Highways, Roads & Bridges Water & Environment Structural Engineering Electrical Transmission & Distribution Irrigation Design Engineering Oil & Gas Mining

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