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Labor contractors rates in India for different type of work

The current Labor contractor rates in Bangalore is Rs 230 / sq ft to Rs 310 / sq ft . In case of a labor contract, the owner has to supply all materials required to the site well in advance before the start of the specific construction work based on the given house plans.

1Earth work excavationcft5.00
2Earth fillingcft3.00
3Sump water tank solid block wallLts3.00
4sump tank rcc wall -sump tankLts5.00
6Bar bendingkg7.00
7P.C.C Concretesft35.00
8Footing concretecft37.00
9Size stone masonrycft40.00

10column concretecft57.00
11R.C.C Roof slab & Beam concretecft55.00
12R.C.C Slope roof concretecft75.00
138″ Block worksft28.00
146″ Block worksft25.00
154″Block worksft20.00
16Internal Ceiling Plasteringsft18.00
17Internal Wall plasteringsft16.00
18External Wall plasteringsft20.00
19Door & Windows Fixingsft35.00