Important Knowledge for civil Engineers

  • The most efficient section of channel is Trapezoidal
  • The specific weight of water in S.I unit is taken as 9.81kn/m3
  • The mercury does not wet the glass . This is due to the property of the liquid known as cohesion
  • The Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 10.3 meter of water
  • The Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 10.3 meter of water
  • The most efficient cross section of sewer to carry combined flow is Egged shaped
  • The internal diameter of the sewer should not be  less than 15 cm
  • For larger sewers , The maximum distance between manholes should be 300 m
  • Black cotton soil is not suitable for foundation because of its Swelling and Shrinkage
  • The group index value ranges from 0 – 20
  • The capillary rise of water Depends upon the force responsible
  • The pressure exerted by water on the soil through when it percolates , is known as Seepage Pressure

  • The direction of seepage is always perpendicular to the Equipotential lines
  • The depth of water standing for crop, during the time the crop grows in the field is defined as Delta
  • For Irrigation purpose , the PH value of water should be Between 6 and 8.5

  • Water content of soil can be greater than 100 %
  • Toughness index is defined as plasticity index to flow index
  • Uniformity co efficient of soil is equal to or greater than 1
  • One cubic meter of water weighs 1000 litre What is the use of orifice meter ( measure discharge

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