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Today I will teach you how to prepare a Perfect resume
How to write a resume making for Civil engineer job , Resume writing , Including Skill in Resume , Training work , Preparation for civil interview skills , Resume for private Company Job For Civil Engineer. Resume Format for Civil engineer Job . Resume for Fresher and experience Civil Engineer job .

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A  resume is a document used and created by a person to present their background, skills, and accomplishments. Résumés can be used for a variety of reasons, but most often they are used to secure new employment.
A typical resume contains a “summary” of relevant job experience and education. The resume is usually one of the first items, along with a cover letter and sometimes an application for employment, which a potential employer sees regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview.

In many contexts, a resume is typically limited to one or two pages of size A4 or letter-size, highlighting only those experiences and qualifications that the author considers most relevant to the desired position. Many résumés contain keywords or skills that potential employers are looking for via applicant tracking systems, make heavy use of active verbs, and display content in a flattering manner. Acronyms and credentials after the applicant’s name should be spelled out fully in the appropriate section of the résumé, greater chance of being found in a computerized keyword scan.[8] Résumés can vary in style and length, but should always contain accurate contact information of the job seeker.

A functional resume lists work experience and skills sorted by skill area or job function.
The functional resume is used to focus on skills that are specific to the type of position being sought. This format directly emphasizes specific professional capabilities and utilizes experience summaries as its primary means of communicating professional competency. In contrast, the chronological résumé format will briefly highlight these competencies prior to presenting a comprehensive timeline of career growth through reverse chronological listings, with the most recent experience listed first.

The functional résumé works well for those making a career change, having a varied work history or with little work experience. A functional résumé is also preferred for applications to jobs that require very specific skills or clearly defined personality traits. A functional résumé is a good method for highlighting particular skills or experiences, especially when those particular skills or experiences may have derived from a role which was held some time ago. Rather than focus on the length of time that has passed, the functional résumé allows the reader to identify those skills quickly.

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