CMK Projects Pvt. Ltd. recruitment 2023

CMK Projects Pvt. Ltd offers a wide variety of capability that spans various types of infrastructure. Founded with a vision of developing the standards of infrastructure development, our projects focus mainly on quality and longevity. We’ve over 2 decades of experience that includes several governments and private infrastructure projects. Our hard-won expertise also helps us challenge the trend in the industry of infrastructure development and innovate on better and efficient methods of utilizing space.

At CMK, we are also responsible for enabling and monitoring sustainable and safe practices. Every project of ours is monitored for safety, maximum utilization of materials, the strength of the structure, and sustainable regeneration of natural resources around the built-up area.

Redefining the future is one of our primary aims. With the global climate changing, we ensure we take strong steps towards making the planet a more hospitable place by employing a harmony of nature and technology. CMK’s projects are executed with precision technology and calculations to maintain international quality and standards.

Junior Civil Engineer 

Job Description

Experience :- 3+ Year

1. Provides general, entry-level support to the engineering department.
2. Verifies and tests assigned metrics on projects.
3. Enters test results into quality control database.
4. Identifies potential areas of product improvement; recommends and assists with the development of appropriate solutions.
5. Ensures compliance with applicable company and client quality requirements in all assigned programs, functions, products, and areas.
6. Identifies and reports problems with specific processes or products to senior engineers.
7. Assists senior engineers in the development of new methods to improve product quality and process efficacy and efficiency.
8. Performs other related duties as assigned.

QA/QC Engineer

Job Description
Experience :- 3+ Year
Qualification :- Diploma / B.E./B.Tech (Civil)

1. Reviewing construction plans and preparing quantity requirements.
2. Scrutinising maintenance and material costs, as well as contracts to ensure the best deals.
3. Liaising with site managers, clients, contractors, and subcontractors.
4. Preparing reports, analyses, contracts, budgets, risk assessment, and other documents.
5. Advising managers and clients on improvements and new strategies.
6. Keeping track of materials and ordering more when required.
7. Documenting any changes in design and updating budgets.
8. Establishing and maintaining professional relationships with external and internal stakeholders.
9. Travelling from the office to various sites as required.