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Civil Engineer must know These Tips & Tricks

  1. De-Shuttering time of different RCC Members
  • For columns, walls, vertical form works – 16-24 hrs.
  • Soffit form-work to slabs- 3 days (props to be re fixed after removal)
  • Soffit to beams props- 7 days (props to re fixed after removal)
  • Beams spanning up to 4.5 m- 7 days
  • Beams spanning over 4.5 m- 14 days
  • Arches spanning up to 6 m- 14 days
  • Arches spanning over 6 m- 21 days
Columns, Retaining walls75-150mm
Beams & Slabs50-100mm
CC Pavements20-30mm
Decks of bridge30-75mm
Vibrated Concrete12-25mm
Huge Mass constructions25-50mm

3.Technical Terms:

  1. Span : It is the centre to centre distance between two approaches
  2. Culvert: It is a small bridge having maximum span of 6 m
  3. Vent way: It is the culvert having a length of less than 1m
  4. High Flood Level (HFL): IT is the level of highest flood ever recorded
  5. Ordinary flood level (OFL): It is the flood level which generally occurs every year.

4.Chejjas: Restrict chejja or balcony projections to 0.9 m. For larger projections use beams and columns

5.Parapet: Masonry parapet wall can collapse easily. It is better to build parapet with bricks up to 300 mm followed by iron railings

6.What is Terrazzo flooring ?

Ans: Terrazzo is a special type of cement concrete. This concrete consists of white cement instead of grey cement and marble powder instead of sand and marble chips as coarse aggregate instead of stone aggregates.


1 – 5 m3 = 1 Nos (Means 3 for 7 Days and 3 for 28 Days)

6 – 15 m3 =2 Nos.

16 – 30 m3 =3 Nos

31 -50 m3 = 4 Nos

8. Chamfer: To cut off, in a small degree, the angle formed by two faces, usually at an angle of 45 Degree

9. Sleeper Walls : Low walls erected at intervals between the main walls to provide intermediate supports to the lowest floor.

10. Pedestal: A base or support, as for a column or statue, and generally of a bigger size.

11. Mat finish : A term applied to surface finishing which is free from gloss or polish

12.Retrofitting: Retrofitting means preparing a structure in a scientific manner so that all elements of a building act as an integral unit.

13. Joggle : A dowel or steel joint by means of which one piece of steel is fitted to another.

14. Efflorescence: The formation of a whitish loose powder or crust, on the surface of brick walls. 

15. Striking : The releasing or lowering of centering of arches or lintels.