Use Fly Ash instead of Red Bricks :

Fly ash bricks are less costlier than red bricks but have good strength for construction. It can reduce the cost of construction in a considerable amount. If you want to reduce the cost then choose to fly ash bricks instead of red bricks or other bricks. or Use AAC Block it also reduce the cost of House.

Choosing a suitable contractor

Selecting the right contractor for the job is necessary if you are constructing a new home or renovating the existing one. Be sure to investigate about their previous completed or ongoing projects and contact references to find out if the contractor gives satisfactory service.

You should also take quotations about specifications of materials and rates from different contractors and see which one suits you the best. Compare the prices listed at Brick

Plumbing CP Fixtures & Sanitary:

The cost of sanitary and CP fixtures varies depending upon the type and quality of products used in the building and its cost reduction is left to the individual choice and liking.

We recommend you to choose economical local/regional brands. Plumbing and Sanitary fixture can be easily replaced anytime without any dismantling in future. So replacing them later with the fixtures of your choice will not cost you much.

Simple design

Custom designs are costlier. A small floor plan with a square or rectangular layout will require less time and money, while consuming fewer materials per unit built-up area, thus, reducing the overall expenditure.

Think about having reduced area by minimising the number of rooms and bathrooms. Building a two-storey structure over a one-storey building, is a smart strategy. High front elevation with the use of structural elements for beautification, can sure burn a hole in your pocket.

Choose the Right Construction Material

Saving money on construction material gives you assurance of durability and longevity. The new generation TMT Barsgives you an edge over the standard steel bars. Their durability and flexibility ensure resistance and strength for your home.

Make sure to choose the best quality TMT Bars from a reputed TMT Bar manufactures and suppliers in India.

Buy Material from Local Vendors:

While purchasing materials for construction try to purchase from local vendorbecause it will reduce your transportation cost as the transportation of construction material is costly.

Doors And Windows:

Avoid Wooden door frames. Instead go for RCC door frames or MS Frame which can save up to 30% of the cost for Door framing.Use PVC doors for Bathrooms and other wet areas like dry balcony etc.Use Laminated flush door or block board for door opening other than the main door. This will decrease the cost of door work by 25%.

Saving On Labour Costs :

Hire Experienced Contractor will help you save time and ensure quality at affordable cost. An inexperienced labour contractor may quote low initially but will turnout to be costly when you will be spending on rectifications and maintenance.

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